Friday, November 25, 2005

Finally...some sleep. I really needed that since my back, shoulders and various other parts have been hurting and aching.
I fuck way too much. =X

So okay, I still havent done an intro on this thing...

My name is Evie and I'm 23 years old, I live in Nashville Tennesse and I firmly believe that white women, all white women, belong to blackmen sexually. It's our job to see that those huge black dicks are taken care of before all others.
My body belongs to black. If a black man wants to fuck me and cum in me, then he can. It's not in my right to say no. If I get pregnant in the process that's my problem.

I dont use birthcontrol. I dont use rubbers.

I'm a slave to black cock and black men.

I'm a very active member in the BDSM community, but NO!!! I'm not looking for a Master.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

So I havent had a chance to update since I started....Life has been busy, work is hectic with the holiday. So much is going on. Gotta go to my parents house tonight and get my grub on.

Not a whole lot has been going on, otherwise. I was deadly sick for a few days, some stomach virus my nephew had brought home from daycare with him. I swear, little kids are little ebola monkeys. *giggle*

Havent gotten to talk to Damon all that much this week. I dont know, but I keep getting this whole vibe off of him like he's holding back and pulling away from me so him going to Kuwait isnt that painful. And to be honest...well...It's not like I even have a boyfriend anymore. He's not come back once to see me since going home to Cali and he's clearly not interested in spending any amount of quality time with me, what with him humping the neighbors wife and daughter. I sleep alone at night, and I'm fine with that because it's been that way before, but...I dont know. I shouldnt have to sleep alone if I have a boyfriend, right?

I'm slowly returning to how I was before him. My casual sex habits are severely out of control, lol, and I love it.

Wine (Yes, that's his given name. lol)

These are my guys of the week...and I thanked them all like the good fuckpig whore that I am.
Thanks guys.

Okay, well....I'm going to find me some trouble to get into. =)

Happy Turkey day to all.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Richard called me today and told me to be at his house in 45 minutes. I quickly dressed and made my way to his house and pulled into the driveway. I know better than being late for him. He had left the garage door cracked a bit, showing me that's where I was to enter. I went in and kicked my shoes off and made my way to the kitchen to put my purse, keys and cellphone on the dining table.
Then there he was. Pissy. Demanding that i was late and i knew i couldnt argue so when he asked me what had taken so long, I didnt know what to say. I was pretty sure I was NOT I said nothing. And that infuriated him. He stepped towards me and backhanded me viciously. i stumbled and started crying instantly and he slapped me again, open handed with his fingers spread, feeling the welt instantly. His blows had me off kilter, my head was swimming and my vision blurred. He grabbed my hair and slammed me against the wall, making my feet slip out from under me and I fall to the floor, his hand still gripping my hair as he screams at me to pull my workout pants down and it was like I couldnt get my hands to work right, I kept trying to grip the waist and pull it down and I was shaking so bad I couldnt grasp. So finally i get them down just for him to shove my face to the floor, cracking my cheekbone violently to the hardwood floor.
I was numb...or my brain was..the pain aching in my face was intense and I couldnt stop crying and sobbing. I arched my back and thrust my ass upwards, grunting.
I have no shame, I knew what he wanted and needed and I knew that he didnt care what I wanted. I was there simply for him to masturbate with.
Then I felt his hands on my hips...and then his cock, shoving into me. I writhed and screamed as he kept cramming his huge width into me. Stretching me to fit that big dick of his. He kept sinking in deeper and deeper the whole time his hands are swatting and slapping my ass brutally, leaving huge welted bloodblistered handprints on my ass. I was so wet. My juices soaked and coated his cockflesh so it could work deeper and deeper into me...thrusting into me like an animal, clawing and tearing my flesh with his nails and all I could do was take it. His thrusts lifting my knees and pushing me hard to the wall, angling my body. Finally he was slamming into me balls deep, tearing my pussy up, making me howl and scream like he was ripping me in half...and that's what it felt like. He was bottoming out and still shoving in with each thrust. Hammering and brusing my cervix, making my eyes roll back in my head as my body started to jerk wildly. I love it when he rapes me. I love being his victim. And I love that as soon as he felt me close to cumming he came in me and shoved me off his dick and rolled me over to backhand me and spit into my face. My body was still jerking and twitching. I had been so close and now I was all sticky and filled with his cum, feeling it stream out of my pounded out, gaping cunt. He grabbed me by my thick black hair and started dragging me towards the doorway and into the den, he sat down and hauled me in front of him just to shove his dick itno my mouth to choke me. One hand on the back of my head as he leaned back and spread his legs, making me take it all to hold and he picked up the remote and started flipping through the channels. Like i wasnt even there.
When he was finally satisfied with the job I did cleaning his cock off, he shoves me off his cock and told me to leave.

This is my role in life. What I want doesnt matter and I'm fine with it that way.