Thursday, November 24, 2005

So I havent had a chance to update since I started....Life has been busy, work is hectic with the holiday. So much is going on. Gotta go to my parents house tonight and get my grub on.

Not a whole lot has been going on, otherwise. I was deadly sick for a few days, some stomach virus my nephew had brought home from daycare with him. I swear, little kids are little ebola monkeys. *giggle*

Havent gotten to talk to Damon all that much this week. I dont know, but I keep getting this whole vibe off of him like he's holding back and pulling away from me so him going to Kuwait isnt that painful. And to be honest...well...It's not like I even have a boyfriend anymore. He's not come back once to see me since going home to Cali and he's clearly not interested in spending any amount of quality time with me, what with him humping the neighbors wife and daughter. I sleep alone at night, and I'm fine with that because it's been that way before, but...I dont know. I shouldnt have to sleep alone if I have a boyfriend, right?

I'm slowly returning to how I was before him. My casual sex habits are severely out of control, lol, and I love it.

Wine (Yes, that's his given name. lol)

These are my guys of the week...and I thanked them all like the good fuckpig whore that I am.
Thanks guys.

Okay, well....I'm going to find me some trouble to get into. =)

Happy Turkey day to all.


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