Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's been a long and emotionally draining time for me. My boyfriend left for Kuwait and now it just seems like everything is "blah".
I know it's depression, but...I dont know. It's also that not only is my boyfriend gone but so is my best friend in the whole world AND my partner in crime.
I was a slut before Damon...but He's the one that took down my walls and barriers and showed me truly what I am. How I could be. What I was made for.
I must admit, though, He made our last weekend together amazing, two truly romantic days filled with soft touches and gentle kisses. *melt* And that was only Friday and Saturday.
Sunday? Oh. My. God.
My body is still bruised and aching.
He picked out this hot little black dress for me to wear and picked out a favorite pair of my knee boots and we went to Christies.
I love the girls at Christies Caberet in Nashville. The women there are -very- hot but at the same time, they dont have the whole "You're nothing but a dollar bill" attitude.
Real women. Very hot.

And the men that chill there? Fine.
And horny. =)
We went in with a few bottles and I got to do a few lines...they were off the hook busy. I never knew Sunday night at a strip joint would be busy. Go firgure. lol
I love going to places like that with Daddy...the women flock to Him. He's well groomed, always smells good and always looks nice. Mmmmm. I'm such a lucky slut to have the Man that I have. Add to it we're somewhat regular there so we get treated very well.
So we sat back and mingled, some of His friends showed up since this was His going away party, of sorts.
We drank too much and smoked too much, things started getting hazier and hazier, so many lap dances, and I had been flirting and teasing all of them. Dadddy, Jefferson, Ron and Maurice. Each and every one of them knew me in every sense. Maurice likes to piss down my throat. Ron is an ass man and likes to hear me sqeel when he pounds my ass. (Also fond of ass to mouth, lol) Jefferson...Hmmm, how do I put this. He loves to hate white girls. Loves to fuck us till we break so he can just cum on ya, wipe his dick off and leave. And of course, Daddy loves every aspect of fucking me.
He leaned over and talked with them for a bit while I wandered around...sitting on random laps, just being a naughty slut, knowing that Daddy was watching me the whole time. I grinded on cocks and showed myself off for half the men in that club. lol, It was actually really fun.
Finally someone grabbed me by my arm and tugged me, it was Jefferson.
The way that man looks at me. It makes me shiver and cringe at the same time. The guy whos lap I was sitting on, he got kinda pissy and then Jefferson told him that he was going to take me home and fuck the shit out of me. The guy joked around and said something like "I want in on that" and then Jefferson gives this guy his address. Told him to bring his friends but blacks only.
I think I instantly wanted to cum, right there. A knot twisted in my stomach and I started to shiver as Jefferson pratically drags me to our table and laughs, passing me off to Daddy who helped me get my coat on and then slapped my ass hard. Then He smiled at me. His smile can make an iceberg melt. He leans in and kissed my cheek so he could whisper "You're mine and I cherish you more than anything on this planet. You're the reason I'm still here. I love you" and He wrapped His strong arms around me and pulled me close, kissing my face tenderly right there in the most unexpected place in the world. I was so touched. Tears burned in my eyes.
At the same time, I wanted to mount Him right there. lol ANd I could feel how rock hard He was. I whined against His lips and begged Him to please show me one last time with Him for a year...to show me what I was.
He pulled away and nodded. Facial features hardened and His hand slipped along the small of my back and as He guided me out, He tugged up the hem of my dress to show off my ass as we walked out.
We all climbed into Maurices Suburban, and it was almost instant...Daddy jerked my coat off me and yanked my dress so hard that the straps broke and it slipped down to show off my tits. He started pawing at them and told me I knew what needed to be done, I slid down to the floor and buried my face into His crotch while He pulled His cock out. I buried His huge black cock into my mouth and down my throat, I love having Him in my throat. Love the way He grips my head and the noises He makes. Next thing I know my head is lifted and turned just so another cock is shoved into my throat...Jefferson...He just started hammering into my throat, making me scream which only made him go harder and deeper. They were all talking about me as if I werent there. I got passed back to Daddy and He yanks me up to give me a deep kiss. He's so not bisexual, but cant resist the taste of a cock on my mouth. I moved to straddle His legs and took Him into me, riding Him slow, letting His huge length push into me and stretch me. I got so caught up in having Him in me...all the sudden He shoved me off and tucked back in, scowling at me. I had almost made Him cum, which in turn made Him cranky since He had other things in store for me. All I could do was bite my lip and sit there nursing my elbow where it clipped the consol thing between the front seats until we pulled into Jeffersons driveway.
Daddy made me strip naked and walk up the front sidewalk that way. It was freezing.
The moment we walked in, it was like all hell broke loose. Ron grabbed me and shoved me up against the wall and crammed his cock into my pussy, holding me in place by my head, mashing my face to the wall, he thrust deep into me, making me scream, bottoming out in me, then he pulls out of me and grabbed me by my hair and hauled me into the den. I couldnt help but smile when I saw the other three sitting on the couch naked. Jefferson pointed at his dick and I crawled to him to push him into my throat once again.
I get so lost when I'm sucking cock. I concentrate on it totally. Suckling, squeezing my throat. Daddy's trained my throat well for big cock. He kept ramming in and ramming in until I literally puked all over his cock, they all laughed at me which pissed Jefferson off...Then I found out their true plans.
lol, And looking back. I should have known since Daddy loves putting me through extremes.
They ran a train on me. All night. And the guys from the strip club? They showed up too. Each and everyone of them got a turn on me. And when it was all said in done...Nine huge black cocks ended up cumming in me that night, simply because it pleased my Daddy. My body is still bruised. They hurt me in so many ways, but I think the thing I enjoyed the most was how Daddy treated me like I was nothing. And he rarely does that.
And it sucks that it's the last time he'll do that for a year.

Anyways...I'm sorry it's taken so long to post. I've gotten so many emails asking when I was going to post again..it's just taken a few days to write this, add to it the Christmas season.
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I hope you all enjoy the post. Will post more later.


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