Thursday, December 08, 2005

Okay, so I said I would post more and I meant it. =)

It's so hard to keep up with everything going on in my life...I have some emotional type, relationship problems right now...(Yes, I have a full-time boyfriend as well.) He loves me the way I am, no matter how nasty and slutty that is AND he encourages it. What a man, huh?)
And I got the work thing...
Then I got some dude sweating me that wasnt even a real good lay. (Get a hint already)

So I had some stress to work I went out this last weekend and got what I deserved. And holy shit, was a little whore or what.

Nine guys that I just sucked. Yummy. Swallowed each and everyone of them like the good like blackcock slave that I am...and I got pounded in half by seven different guys this weekend. lol, And the bad thing about it is, they all know each other.
I prefer that. I like for all the men who get to use me to know each other. I like the thought that they talk about me when I'm not around. About what a dirty little bitch I am...or even making plans.
And that's happened a few times.

The main thing I like about it is, when I'm in the mood to be a filthy whore, they let each other know...I dont even have to go looking for cock. They come and claim me. Mounting me like the little bitch in heat that I am so they can just shoot me so full of cum.

Another thing I want more of is sadistic men. I adore a man who could give a shit about me. Men who love to slap me around because it amuses them. I want them to treat me like the fuck-trash that I am. Hell, I want a man that'll beat me senseless just to hurt me. Not caring about fucking me. Or hurting me so brutally that he can use my limp body while I can do nothing but lay there and take it because he truly beat me into submission.
Oh to have a mean bastard Black Master who liked to mistreat me in every sense of the word.

Do I have issues or what? =D

Oh...and for those who have inquired...I -DO- fuck white guys but only when it's something one of my black Daddies has told me to do. Normally when I get passed around a group, there's always a few white cocks in the mix, and thankfully I've been lucky....Not all white boys got little dicks. =)
That and we all know the fuel in which they use me. I'm garbage. I'm a filthy cumrag for big black cocks and they resent that. It makes them angry and outraged, even if that black man is their friend...they see how my body was made for black use and they feel they have to push me harder.
Some of my favorites sadists are white men. They abuse me ruthlessly. I adore it.

(So I wrote this the other night when I came home to no internet after I promised I'd write more.)

Now I must go get ready for work. It's my "Friday".


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I must admit I keep comming back to your blog to see and read more.

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