Friday, January 06, 2006


As much as I love men, I am a very bi-sexual female. I love everything about women. How soft they are. How they feel. Taste. React. I prefer women who think a lot like me. Submissive women, though admittedly, I usually end up Domme'ing them. It's quite fun at times.
And I honestly believe that it's my job as a slave to help other white women experience black men. It's so amazing, watching someone the first time they take a huge black bullcock.
I can relate to the feelings and how intense it is. Where you cant do anything but take it like a good girl, how badly you want to scream and most do. The first time a white bitch takes a black's crazy. Many women havent ever had a painful fuck.
Anyways. I was daydreaming.

I went to lunch with some friends last week and there was this stunning little redheaded girl, probably about 18, I didnt ask, Cassie. Very hot little bitch. You can tell she's a natural submissive. Eyes downward when spoken to by anything male. We exchanged numbers. So I'm going to call her tonight and if all works out right, I plan on making sure she gets turned out a few times. Of course, I'm doing this for selfish reasons as well. I want to fuck her what if I gotta eat her through a few loads of sperm? lol Like I'm one to turn down cum...and I dont really care where I get it from. Pussy, ass, from a cock straight into me, off the floor. I've been known to do some freaky shit. Go figure, right? =P

I cant wait to hear her make that defeated little whimper once she realizes she cant say no to a black cock as it rips into her. I feed off that. Her submission will be total. I've yet to help a woman discover black without her calling off white altogether.
I have great plans for this girl. I'm quite excited.